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Colour Options

Colour is a great way to achieve the look and feel you are after. With our huge range of powder coated, anodised and Eurocote colours, choice is at a maximum.

Powder Coat

Our joinery is powder coated in our factories which are accredited to WANZ Enduro Colour Powder Coating Quality Standard to ensure maximum quality control. To help you with your colour decision, ask us for our colour chart booklets.


Anodising aluminium joinery is not only attractive, but also offers a durable and tough wearing finish. The colours offered by anodising are the result of anodic oxide coating, bringing out colours within the metal. The final finish is quite metallic in appearance.


Eurocote is a heat bonded wood grain that not only looks and feels like the real thing but is durable and low in maintenance. Eurocote provides a wide range of colour choice opportunities. You may choose to have anodised aluminium on the exterior of the joinery and wood grain Eurocote on the inside.

Dual Colour

The beauty of separating the window or door frame into exterior and interior components is that it provides an opportunity to colour mix and match the aluminium profiles. ThermaColor is therefore available in a wide range of colours and hard-wearing finishes designed to withstand New Zealand’s harsh climate.

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