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A Window To The World

Working closely with the owners, architects, builders and other tradesmen to ensure a perfect finish is part of what the team at Fairview does.

A recently completed project in Bland Bay is a stunning example of their work. Built by The House Company this beautiful home required very specific details to be met when it came to the joinery.

One of the special features of the project is that windows slide externally over the outside cladding. This allows more wall space on the inside walls, a feature that is becoming increasingly popular with consumers for both windows and doors.

Paul and his team also worked closely with Guyco, who made and installed the shutters that are a feature of the finished property, to ensure both windows and shutters operated correctly.

Another feature of the joinery are the flush pull handles. This means that the handles do not protrude from the joinery resulting in very clean lines. An advantage of this feature is that it is good for blinds, which can slide smoothly across the surface.

Double-glazing was chosen for thermal control and efficiency, and the finishing touch was the Mist Black colour chosen from the anodising range. Working to a tight time frame the result of the input of Paul and his team is seen in the end result of this stunning coastal property.


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